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iM3 Service Team

Dental equipment servicing direct from the manufacturer!

  • Repairs - in and out of warranty
  • Annual servicing available on all iM3 equipment
  • Dental unit filter service and health & bacterial checks
  • Health checks for instruments, handpieces and ultrasonic scalers
  • Dental X-ray developer servicing and software updates
  • Dental X-ray generator servicing and test packs

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  • In-house repair centre
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  • The global name in veterinary dentistry!

(For non iM3 equipment please contact us to confirm possibility.)

iM3 Technical Support

The relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance to us, to ensure that our products are performing to a standard we're proud to offer. The iM3 Superior Technical Support Team (TST) comes FREE with every iM3 dental workstation or iM3 product.

Our TST will continue to look after your dental system and all questions regarding handpieces, operational issues or maintenance long after you've taken delivery. We will help you to achieve the most out of your iM3 workstation and make veterinary dentistry a rewarding part of your day.

Call us anytime during business hours on our "Tech Support Line" and we'll take care of all your needs or email us with your query and we'll get back to you promptly.

CR7 X-Ray Tech Support Documents

Please read this document before contacting iM3 for CR7 Vet customer support.

Special Support Services

For CR7 X-ray Remote Support

  • Step 1Please call your regional iM3 office so we can attend to your request
  • Step 2Click here to install CR7 support program (5MB, zip file format)


iM3 is going digital for all product manuals, on this page you will always be able to find the most update product manuals for all of our products.
iM3 42-12 Ultrasonic Scaler

October 2020 by iM3 admin

iM3 elite Dental Unit

October 2020 by iM3 admin

iM3 GS Deluxe and GS Deluxe LED

October 2020 by iM3 admin

iM3 Advantage Handpieces

October 2020 by iM3 admin

iM3 P6 / P6 LED Ultrasonic Scaler

October 2020 by iM3 admin

iM3 PL3 Micromotor

October 2020 by iM3 admin

iM3 Pro 2000 Dental Unit

October 2020 by iM3 admin

iM3 SP6 Ultrasonic Scaler & Micromotor

October 2020 by iM3 admin

iM3 Vet-Tome

October 2020 by iM3 admin



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Severe dental disease is one of the many health challenges we at Free the Bears face in sun bears rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia. iM3 has supported us over a number of years not just with high quality dental instruments but also with invaluable advice, amazing customer service, and a genuine enthusiasm and interest in the work that we do. The help they have provided has unquestionably improved the quality of dental work we undertake, and continues to inspire us to strive for best practice and outcomes for bears with dental disease.

- Dr Kirsty Officer, FREETHEBEARS, PERTH, Australia

I started in veterinary dentistry with standard dental film, progressed to various size two DR sensors, and then evolved to the CR7 system. The CR7 system allows for rapid, regional, and complete dental radiographic sets in dogs and cats in a timely fashion. The size versatility of the plates allow for the entire tooth and surrounding bone to be captured in a single image compared to a size 2 sensor for some teeth. The image quality is excellent, the software is intuitive, and the technical support is outstanding

- Kevin Stepaniuk, DVM, FAVD, Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College, USA

IM3 wins our award for best customer service! We have been dealing with lots of vendors during our move and your expertise, dedication, respectful help, and friendly customer service cannot be beat. Keep up the great work!

- Erin D. Vicari, VMD, DAVDC,
Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota, USA

I have been using iM3 products in a veterinary dental referral practice for many many years. They sell top quality products, and have the very best customer service in the industry. They make the lives of us in the veterinary dental business much easier! We are able to get our jobs done much more efficiently and proficiently. Kudos iM3! Keep up the great work!

- Erik Christensen, CVT, Arizona, Veterinary Dental Specialists, USA

We have had the occasion to call on your service staff for advice and repairs regarding our dental machine. In every case, your staff have been very knowledgeable and provided assistance with patience and courtesy. You should be congratulated for outstanding service to your clients and we will continue to deal exclusively with you for our dental machine requirements.

- Peter Roche, Ferny Grove, Queensland, Australia

In a time when service by many companies has been practically non-existent, and the user if frustrated with phone menus and untrained, or rude individuals, your company is a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for the sturdiness of your product and the quality of your service. I am grateful I chose the iM3 machine instead of a few others that were on the market at the time we purchased.

- Julia Jones Reynolds DVM, Auburndale Veterinary Clinic, Florida, USA

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